Christmas Tree worms

Christmas tree worms are a favorite under-sea creature of divers. They are lots of different colours such as yellow, pink, white, blue, grey and sometimes brown. They're gills are feathery and corkscrew around its body.

They can sense movement really well. The worn lies in the tube so that only its head is out of the end. If the worm senses danger, it pulls its head down the tube.


Christmas tree worm live in corals in shallow seas. They build tubes on the surface of the coral than as the coral grows the worm grows so they stay on the surface of the coral.

They eat:

Christmas tree worms eat plankton. They're gills are covered in sticky mucus and that catched tiny plankton. They get eaten by lots of bigger fish such as Butterfly fish.

yellow%20christmas%20tree%20worm.jpg blue%20xmas%20tree%20worm.jpg clip on Christmas tree worms