There are approximately 650 species of Leech. The Leech is usally black or brown in colour and they range in length from 1cm too 25cm. Most Leeches feed on both dead and plant decay (matter). Some Leeches feed on insects and other worms. Some species of Leech suck the blood of mammals, they do this by cutting through the skin with there sharp teeth. Leeches breathe through the skin and have no digestive system. Leeches are mainly found in mud pools, lakes, logs and under rocks and leaves. Leeches on land wait for the victim in damp areas, such as a rice field and attach themselves to there preys skin and suck there blood. Leeches move around by attaching themselves to there prey or others and using them as a lift. They lay there eggs in a coocoon which they leave on land or in water. Over 2500 Eygptians used Leeches as medicine and we still do today. They can be used to suck blood to cure skin grafts, fight blood clots and restore blood flow.