• A thousand legs? not true!! Millipedes usually have round bodies, and have two pairs of legs on each body segment. People say "a thousand legs" because their name comes from latin roots: milli "thousand" and pes "Foot".
  • They move slowly and often tunnel into soil and dead leaves.
  • Nearly all millipede species are decomposers they eat dead leaves, fungi, and detritus.
  • If another animal threatens them, they may curl up, and some give off smelly toxic chemicals to protect themselves.
  • Myriapods are an ancient group of animals, they were the the very first animals to live on land. Before them the only animals in the world lived in the sea. Like fish. But not. Fish with legs…. (Dont take that seriously)
  • Millipedes need a damp environment to survive, and mostly live on or under the ground. Like badgers. Only fur-less. Naked, leggy badgers. I take things too far.
  • Some species have piercing mouth parts that allow them to feed on plant juices. kind of a vampire bug, but with plant juice. um… yum?